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Avoid the Seven Mistakes
Job Seekers in Their 50s Make

How to sell yourself in a digital work world, sharpen
your interview skills and write a look-at-me résumé

by James A. Martin at

guy at desk

My Remaining 13 Million Minutes:
Productivity, Ambition and Being Realistic in Older Age

I don’t just want a long life, I want to be productive to society

by Jane Hutcheon at

woman in hallway

5 Ways To Address Resume Gaps In Your Job Search

A resume gap — you can usually reduce or eliminate
the harm it can cause your job search

by Robert Hellmann at

older woman reviewing report

“We’re a People Company.”
No kidding.

➔    “People don't leave companies, they leave people — their boss(es).”  So says management consultant Alan Weiss.  “I've seen people with poor environments and cloudy futures stay because their boss is so charismatic and compelling, and others with strong career tracks and stock options take off because their boss is the devil incarnate.” 

People Working in Open Office

71 Percent of U.S. workers don’t want AI to decide who gets hired.

                                                  —    Pew Research

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