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12 Workplace Behaviors That Are Aging You by a Decade

by Samantha Hawrylack at

Even though Sam, who blogs under the pen name “Gov Worker,” has frequently seen reverse age discrimination over his nearly 20-year government career, the vast majority of the hurting population is more senior employees.

    The people who may have been loyal to a company for 20 or 30 years are being viewed as stuck in their ways.

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Yet Another Hurdle for Women at Work: Their Age

by Alyssa Place at

Think ageism

is a U.S. problem?

Think again.

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Making a Noise

The International Journal

for Age Diversity

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Women are already facing an uphill battle when it comes to professional success. One more thing standing in the way? Their age…

    Despite the growing prevalence of women in the workforce, age discrimination is also on the rise. Sixty-four percent of women say they have experienced age discrimination in the workplace, compared to 59% of men, according to a study by AARP.

Avoiding Employment Scams:

Red Flags And Tips For Job Hunters

by Paula Morgan at

Millions of Americans who are underemployed or lost their jobs during the pandemic are eager to get back to work. Finding a job can be challenging enough, but the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic is made more complex with scammers who are targeting vulnerable people desperate to find work…

    Separating real opportunities from fake listings can be difficult, because many of these scams are advertised in the same places where real jobs are found. However, there are a few warning signs common to many scams.

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That Faraway Look

And you thought driving across town was a long commute

Among the most astounding effects to emerge from the pandemic and the move to work from home as well as job seeking is the notion of geography. In the past it wasn’t unusual for job candidates to include “willing to relocate” on their resumes.

    Thanks to the Covid and working from home movement, relocation is no longer an issue. Many candidates are now including “remote” as a work option as opposed to a specific location or a willing to relocate. MORE

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