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How to Find a Mentor After 50

Look for people whose work you admire,
and approach them graciously and gratefully

by Christine Schoenwald at

man and woman during business meeting

Reinventing Your Career? 

5 Steps To Assess Your Transferable Skills

by Dan Citrenbaum and Jenna Arcand at

Older man standing in shop

As the Workforce Ages, Here Are Benefits HR Departments Should Consider

New research predicts more than a quarter of the workforce will be over 55 by 2031

by Courtney Vinopal at

older woman at file cabinet

On the Outside Looking In
A fresh set of eyes tends to see things more clearly

➔    One counter argument that older job seekers hear a lot is that they don’t have experience in the particular industry where the hiring company exists. In some instances that may be a valid point, but in many other cases, looking at a situation with fresh eyes can be an enormous advantage.

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