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5 Key Job-Hunting Trends
to Watch For

This is why older workers are a blessing

by Nancy Collamer at

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Some Employers Are Snatching Back Job Offers, Blaming the Economy

Some (companies) are also revoking job offers — sometimes just days before the start date

by Samantha Masunaga at

older man at work

How To Work for Yourself
& Become Self-Employed (In 5 Easy Steps)

Do you want to break free from the "golden handcuffs" that have held you hostage in your career up to this point?

by J.T. O'Donnell at

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All Alone and Feeling Blue?
The isolation experienced by the unemployed is worse past age 50

➔    Among the many down sides of being out of work and searching is the isolation one feels. For whatever reason, those feelings seem to intensify for those older job seekers.

Serious Man

In a survey of business leaders who use ChatGPT in the hiring process, 77 percent are writing job descriptions, 66 percent are drafting interview requisitions, and 65 percent are responding to applications.

                                                —   Fortune  

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