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Remote Work on the Rise for Many Older Workers
Older workers are well suited for remote work

by Barbara Hazelden at

    Residents over 50 are good candidates for remote work… older workers often have decades of business world experience. In addition, their job-related skills, strong work ethic, and interpersonal talents enable them to adapt to varied work scenarios.

    Finally, the marketplace is increasingly recognizing that over-50 workers are often just as suited for remote work as younger candidates.    Read the complete article

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If You’ve Been Fired or Face That,
Do You Have a Claim for Wrongful Termination?

“All you are now told is that you are no longer a good fit…”

by Robert A. Adelson at

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Collaborative Intelligence Can Bridge Generation Gaps at Work

“Boomers and Gen Xers can work better together”

by Richard Eisenberg at

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Ready for Your Close Up?

Technology has opened many doors for the job seeker

➔    Everyone talks so much about how technology has impacted the job-seeking process. From LinkedIn to ATS to job boards and beyond, technology has inserted itself directly into the middle of everyone’s job search – regardless of age.

    One very interesting technological aspect of the job search that has become commonplace is the video interview. 

Working from Home

Age Diversity Day —

Thursday, June 9, 2022

    As custodian of Champion Age Diversity Day, The Age Diversity Forum is delighted to invite you to a very special live event on June 9th, hosted by Age Diversity Champions, Hansuke.

    We are celebrating Age Diversity in the workforce on June 9th with a live international event featuring a keynote address and a panel discussion with inclusion speakers from international industry and academia.   MORE INFORMATION


Digital Confidence Workshop

for 50+ on June 9 & 10

NEW Solutions will be hosting another Digital Confidence Workshop on June 9 & 10.  This is a free, two-day virtual workshop focusing on digital computer skills and is open to adults 50+ throughout the country! This will be a repeat of our fantastic event back on April 7 & 8.


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