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Career Paths Are Never
as Straightforward as We Believe

The perception of what a career path should look like
is rarely how it turns out

by Ryan Roslansky, CEO, LinkedIn

older man on street checking phone

Common Mid-Career Challenges
and What to Do About Them

For mid-career professionals, challenges could be accompanied by uncertainty about…
what their next step should be


job seeker in coffee shop

Gig Work on the Rise Among Older Adults
as Demand for Workplace Flexibility Grows

Making workplace flexibility a job prerequisite


women at coffeeshop meeting

Secret Agents
Someone undercover can find hidden treasures

➔    You’ve probably heard that many jobs are never listed for public consumption. No ads. No job boards. Not on LinkedIn. Nowhere. Estimates vary from 70-80 percent of jobs never appear anywhere. So how do job seekers – especially older job seekers – find these hidden gems?

Smart Senior Man

Chipotle will be hiring 15,000 employees for “burrito season” — the period from March through May that represents its busiest sales stretch of the year.

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