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Where Do You Fall?

Is today’s job search more difficult? Most assuredly “Yes!”

There are many older job seekers today who are ultimately waking up to the reality that this is the most difficult job search of their lives. Regardless of their past positions, regardless of their backgrounds, regardless of their experience, this is still the most difficult job search of their lives.

Here in the spring of 2021, the knee-jerk reaction is to blame Covid. If it hadn’t been for the virus things would be a lot different.

In many ways, that’s true. Many things would be different. But one thing that wouldn’t be different is that, if you’re an older job seeker, this is still going to be the most difficult job search of your life.

So how do you tackle that? Our fear is that too many older job seekers are sitting back and saying that they’ll wait until the pandemic is over and then pursue their job searches in earnest. Not only is that a disastrous approach to take to a job search, it’s especially debilitating if you’re over 50.

Covid or not, there are still companies that are hiring. Of course, the numbers will vary from market to market, from industry to industry. But there are companies who are hiring. And the people who are being hired into those jobs are the ones – regardless of age – who have stepped up their efforts and made a determined decision to find something – no matter what.

So what are you? A fence-sitter waiting for something to drop down out of the sky or biding your time until the world changes to better suit you? Or, are you someone who is actual job seeker, tracking down leads, making contacts, religiously following up, etc.?

Your call.


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