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What’s in the Box?

With your track record, why restrict yourself?

➔ Once the shock of losing your job has worn off, you transform yourself into a job seeker. But where to start looking?

The obvious place is to look where you just were. By that, we mean that most people initially look for other types of employers like the one they just had. If you worked at a large company, you start to look for other large companies. Or, if you worked at a small company, you may not be able to see yourself working anywhere except a small company.

Don’t just think,

look outside the box too

Thinking outside the box is a popular phrase in business today. Some say it’s overused. Threadbare or not, when looking for a position as an older job seeker, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to looking only for the type of employer that you had before.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t look there, but with your experience and expertise, don’t box yourself in. Big company. Small company. Start up. Non-profit organization. Consulting. Your own business. These are all viable possibilities – none of which should be overlooked or dismissed out of hand.

In today’s job market, this is especially true. Employers everywhere are struggling to find qualified applicants. Before you scoff at the conditional phrase “qualified applicants,” let’s not forget that, as a seasoned applicant, you will be qualified for most positions.

Transferable skills, people skills and the like make older applicants very attractive to employers and very sought after in this malleable workplace of 2022.


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