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The Tough Questions

If the questions are tough, the answers might be tougher

➔ Are you getting discouraged because your job search is dragging on far longer than you ever imagined? Do you see others getting jobs and start to wonder, “Why not me?”

You’re not alone and your feelings are not atypical.

Where to look for answers?

In such situations the first, natural reaction might be to conduct some sort of internal audit to review your job search strategies and tactics. While that might be beneficial, very few of us know ourselves better than others know us. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it make more sense to ask someone else where you might be missing the mark?

Why not approach a trusted colleague, recruiter, friend, etc. and ask them: “What am I doing wrong?” That outside-in perspective can prove to be quite illuminating and, more important, quite helpful to you and your search.

Of course, the key to this approach is make certain that the person you ask is someone you trust well enough, someone you know well enough (and who knows you) who will be willing and forthright enough to give you a direct and honest answer – brutally honest if need be. Anyone you ask would be doing you a disservice if they tried to comfort you and spare your feelings by telling you what they think you might want to hear. Don’t be drawn in by words of comfort that may be just a tad off the mark.

If you’re feeling unsure about the response that you’ve received, ask someone else. If a second source hits the same buttons, there’s a good chance that they’ve hit a nerve and you’re on your way to making it right.

Perhaps your best bet might be to approach a recruiter. They’ve been down this road before. They know job seeking and should be best qualified to give you the honest answer you require. Plus, if it’s a recruiter with whom you’ve been working, they have a vested interest in your success which should be sufficient motivation for bluntness.

This is a time when you need honesty and shouldn’t settle for anything less.


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