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The STAR of the Show

Remember this simple little trick for your next interview

➔ Your best bet when seeking a new job is the job interview. Just as the world as a whole has become more sophisticated, so has the fine art of job seeking as well as its component parts.

At minimum keeping up with, and perhaps even exceeding the norm, the job interview has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years, just as the interviewers have upped their games as well.

Is there a magic formula?

There is no one size fits all for job interviews. But you may get an edge if you follow this simple, yet powerful, technique.

HR professionals sometimes refer to it as the STAR approach and it’s recommended that candidates use it to describe elements of their work experience. For this example, we will refer to the initials of STAR as the easy way to remember. In this case, STAR refers to: situation, tasks, action and results.

1. Situation. The situation simply refers to the event or circumstances of your story.

2. Tasks. To address the situation, you presumably had to perform certain job-related tasks.

3. Action. The heart of the story, the actions describe specific steps you took to complete the task.

4. Results. What every boss is most interested. What did you accomplish or what were the results of your actions.

These four simple, easy-to-remember steps will help guide you through an explanation of why you were (and will be) a valued employee. Using this method ensures that you won’t forget a critical element of the process.

Sometimes, simple is best and this simple formula can help you in your job search journey.


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