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Stay Focused

Your job search is most likely

the most important thing you have going

➔ More than likely you’ve seen this somewhere. Some poor schmuck stumbles into a bees’ nest and the next thing you know he’s swatting at a swarm of not-too-happy bees that have enveloped him. If you’re job search feels like that sometimes, it shouldn’t be too surprising.

There is so much news and information about the economy, the workplace, work-from-home, back-to-the-office, age discrimination, automated tracking systems (ATS), jobs boards, and on, and on, and…

What’s a body to do?

With all this news and information buzzing around you, it’s easy to get distracted from the task at hand. And, of course, that task is finding you a job.

The headlines blare “The economy added 178,000 jobs last month!” Yeah, but which one was yours? Of course, the key word in that statement is “one.” As in one job. That’s all you need is one job.

It doesn’t matter if the economy is up, down, or flat. You still need a job. Does it matter if the last company where you interviewed didn’t have one employee over the age of 30? Fuhgeddaboudit! Move on to the next one.

Don’t let the outside world cloud the situation with a lot of superfluous distractions. Stay focused. You need to find a job. Concentrate your efforts on networking, working LinkedIn and other social media, working with your recruiter (or recruiters), making certain that your skills are up to date, and those things that are directly related to YOU finding a JOB.

After you’ve climbed that mountain, then you can turn your attention to other fun activities.


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