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People Who Need People

That pretty much includes everyone

➔ Talk about taking advice from wherever you can find it. How much job search wisdom do you think you’ll find on Broadway? Bob Merrill’s lyrics from Funny Girl speak volumes. “People who need people.”

Do you really think that you can find a job without relying on people? You can’t.

One of the luckiest people in the world

From the candidate’s perspective, one of the basic tenets of job seeking is working your network which is comprised of… right. People. People who have jobs. People who know of jobs that are open. People who know people who are looking. People who know where you should be looking.

Fortunately, most people who you approach really do want to help. You simply need to be careful and courteous in how you approach them.

As you search for your next position, don’t ask for a job. When you outright ask, the natural reaction of people is “I don’t know of any jobs.” But, if you ask for names – people – they’re much more willing to offer pertinent information. It’s a much less threatening situation for them which allows them the freedom to proffer suggestions, tips, etc.

In addition, if we’re talking about people and job seeking in 2023, it seems only natural that we should mention LinkedIn. The people-based website is used by roughly 90 percent of all recruiters and large numbers of jobs – considerably more than half in some instances – (the numbers vary from one industry and one level of position to another) are directly or indirectly filled through involvement with LinkedIn. And what is LinkedIn all about if it’s not people.

What’s more, one recent mature job seeker stated unequivocally that LinkedIn is much more effective and efficient when compared to the many jobs boards that proliferate the online job search world.

While it might seems obvious to have to rely on people to find your next position, they are much effective, reliable, willing-to-help and forthcoming than anything you find in a more impersonal manner.


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