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Nothing But the Facts

Sergeant Friday wasn’t looking for a job, but then again…

➔ Sergeant Friday, Sam Spade, or Bulldog Drummond – they were all seekers. Let’s not forget Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes and Columbo. Seeking the murderer, the robber or some other culprit. Although they weren’t seeking jobs, today’s job seekers can learn something from them.

You probably remember those old movies and television programs where the cop, the detective, the sleuth is tracking down witnesses, co-conspirators – anyone who can help them solve the case. In fact, this cat-and-mouse game usually took up a significant part of the story. The problem was that most of the people with whom they spoke had little or nothing to offer.

Are you beginning to see a connection?

Going from door to door, interviewing people, seeking any kind of clues or leads, these gumshoes encountered more false hope than anything else. The good news is that eventually they found the right person with the right information which enabled them to crack the case.

So too the job seeker. You go from door to door, company to company, interviewing people, taking notes, asking for additional leads until you finally cross paths with the right person with the right information that enables you to crack the case. Er, find a job.

The lesson to be learned from the gumshoe is that you have to knock on a lot of doors, a lot of doors – most of which yield nothing – before you finally strike gold. Sometimes job seeking is a game of endurance. You have to endure pursuing endless leads and you have to develop a tough skin to be able to deal with all the rejection.

It’s all part of the game. It’s akin to solving the big case. It’s a situation where perseverance typically pays off.


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