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There is only one number important to job seekers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics will release its unemployment data for January later today. (Nifty50s will update today’s edition when we have the January numbers.)

For the individual job seeker, there is one number that holds any importance. And that number is the number one. This is one of those times when it’s acceptable to be more concerned with yourself than… well, anyone. This is a situation where it’s alright to be selfish.

Even though it’s a trying time for all job seekers and it’s understandable to feel some empathy for them, it’s more understandable to be more concerned with good ol’ number one. In the world of the unemployed, you’re the only one on whom you need to focus.

There is a silver lining here however. There is another number that the job seeker should never lose sight of. Ironically, it’s the same number: one!

As you hack your way through the jungle of unemployment, you need to keep telling yourself that you’re only looking for one – one job. You don’t need three; you don’t need five; you don’t need ten jobs. Unless you’re starting a business where more is better, you only need to land one job. That’s it. Just one.

Find that one job and you’re back in business. Literally and figuratively.


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