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Successful listeners tend to be… more successful

➔ There is an old adage about sales people that they are good talkers. They can talk anyone into anything. In reality, the reverse is true.

The most successful sales people are, in fact, good listeners. They listen to customers wants, needs and problems. Then, and only then, having processed all that information, do they suggest or recommend a course of action.

How does listening help my job search?

Effective listening even can give someone a competitive advantage in today’s workplace. According to certified forensic interviewer, Michael Reddington, “Great listeners benefit from the reputation they earn in both their business and personal lives. Our individual leadership brands are built on others’ perceptions of our listening skills. Leaders who’ve earned the perception as great listeners experience more trust from, exert more influence with, and learn more critical information from their audiences.”

As a job seeker, you are a salesperson and the product that you’re selling is yourself. Whether it’s an actual job interview or speaking with someone at a networking event, you’ll benefit infinitely more… if you just listen.


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