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Killing Your Job Search

No matter how many things you do right, do this wrong and your job search is in deep trouble

When you get right down to it, a job search is a very complex and exacting proposition – not to mention exhausting. It can demand so much of your time, attention, effort, etc., that it’s generally considered to be one of the most stressful parts of life.

Maybe it’s because there are so many factors that come into play – cover letters, resumes, LinkedIn profiles (and everything else that goes with it), ATS (applicant tracking systems), networking, researching companies and jobs, interviews (face-to-face, online, etc. – not to mention informational interviews), follow ups, jobs boards, Sometimes it’s a miracle that anyone can survive this gauntlet.

But millions of people of all stripes – including those over the age of 50 – endure the process and emerge victorious every year.

There are many theories about which component of the job search is most important and there are a lot of good arguments for each. There is one thing, however, that can torpedo your search instantly.

In the grand scheme of things it seems so small – almost trivial – sometimes even overlooked by decision makers. And what is this fly in the ointment? It’s none other than the simple typo.

Typographical errors in resumes, cover letters, etc. are widely seen by recruiters, job coaches and hiring managers as one of the leading reasons why candidates are rejected. And what’s the worst part about it?

Virtually all typos are avoidable and easily fixed (when discovered beforehand). All it takes is the discipline and perseverance to read, re-read and re-read your document (resume, cover letter, whatever) again, and again, and again. One sure-fire tip is to have someone else review your documents. A spouse, a friend, a colleague – it really doesn’t matter.

Maybe that’s why a job search is such an excellent microcosm of life. One seemingly tiny mistake can bring all your other top-notch efforts tumbling down.


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