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Just Who Are You?

Putting forward the real you in your job search

➔ One of the most significant game-changers of the 21st Century job search is the emergence of online tools such as LinkedIn. As critical as LinkedIn has become, does it mean that you no longer need, or can afford to dismiss or downplay your resume?

The experts say “No!” Most experts agree that they’re both important – but for different reasons.

Each has its own role to play

According to AARP, resumes are especially important because today it’s easy to customize your resume to conform with specific job openings. In today’s digital world, customizing a resume couldn’t be simpler. On the other hand, Forbes reports that “You should only have one LinkedIn account and profile, to avoid confusing your network and diminishing the ability of LinkedIn to help you.” LinkedIn has the unique ability to allow recruiters to find you regardless of where you’re looking.

So, just how can your LinkedIn profile benefit your job search where your resume can’t? “You can post videos that describe how you’ve solved problems on the job or share presentations you have given at conferences or other events,” says AARP. That kind of expanse and detail just isn’t practical for a resume.

There was a time when job seekers would list references on their resumes. Mainly for the protection of the person providing the reference as resumes were shotgun-blasted throughout the job market, that practice gave way to merely stating that references would be made available upon request.

As with many other things, LinkedIn changed that. AARP noted that LinkedIn lets co-workers endorse your skills giving employers a more complete picture of what you can do and how you’re regarded by peers and others in your field. That just isn’t possible with a resume.

In the end, in 2022, you need both – but for different reasons. As noted by Forbes, “You should only have one LinkedIn account and profile to avoid confusing your network… On the other hand, you’ll want to have a different resume for each job target.”

It may mean more work, but the benefits will justify it.


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