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Nowhere is waiting more tedious than during the job search

➔ You’re looking for a job. You want to find one right away. You want that job offer to come now. Yesterday isn’t soon enough.

Unfortunately, job seeking isn’t like that. You wait and you wait and you wait. Just ask Tom Petty.

Waiting may be the worst part of the job search, but, like it or not, your job search is working on their time schedule. They’re not ready to hire you or anyone else until they’re ready.

And you wait, and you wait…

To no one’s surprise, speed in job seeking works in opposite directions. One company pulled down an online job posting because they received more than 300 applications in the first 24 hours. Too bad for those applicants because the position wasn’t filled for another six months. And you wait, and you wait.

There are innumerable reasons for why it takes so long. Most of those reasons are difficult to swallow (or understand) for the job seeker. In most cases, however, the employer usually isn’t in a hurry. Certainly not in as big a hurry as the job seekers.

But wait we must. And we must get used to it. It’s one of life’s irritating frustrations. And it’s not going to change.

The job seekers only consolation is to stay on top of the situation. Try as you may to pin down the employer. Try to get some idea of how long you have to wait. “How soon do you expect to fill this position?” That’s not out of line. Or maybe, “Can I call you next week?” Or, “If I don’t hear from you by the first of the month, can I call (or email) you?”

That won’t make the waiting any less frustrating, but at least you’ll know how long you have to wait.


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