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How Do You Stack Up?

Here are some interesting statistics to help you navigate today’s job market

➔ According to an online job ad receives about 250 resumes on average (with top brands like Google receiving up to 3,000,000 per year). From these 250 applications, about two percent receive interviews according to Workopolis.

98 Percent of Fortune 500 companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) according to Jobscan. These systems often weed out 75 percent of applications before they reach human eyes, sometimes for irrelevant reasons like the way your resume is formatted.

One study found that as many as 50 percent of jobs are filled internally before even making it to the public eye. Some of these jobs are posted online to fulfill legal requirements, but an external candidate has little chance of landing the role.

According to Career Pivot, referrals have a 50 percent shot of getting an interview whereas for non-referrals, that drops to just three percent. In fact, Jobvite shares that 40 percent of hires come from the referral pool, which is only seven percent of applicants.

Data reported by the Career Sherpa showed over 60 percent of job seekers recommended by a current employee were hired. That number increased to 91 percent if the referral came from a director-level employee or above. Forbes adds that talent relationships are 34 times more effective than job boards in finding quality hires.

Up to 70 percent of jobs are never posted, which means the only way to learn about them is through a connection.


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