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Hey Buddy!

A job search is no time to go it alone

➔ A familiar piece of advice for individuals embarking on an exercise program or a diet is to attach yourself to “a buddy.” Someone to make certain that you stay on track (and vice versa) during the ups and downs of your upheaval.

Another dieter, perhaps, who can help you be true to whatever your diet mandates. The same is true for working out. If there is a day when you don’t feel like exercising, your work-out buddy will show up and embarrass you into not missing that day. And in the end, you’re the better for it.

Your new best friend

Why not apply the same technique to your job search? If you and your buddy commit yourselves to contacting 10 new companies per week, your buddy will hold your feet to the fire – something that you two can do to ensure that you’re staying on task.

Whether or not this is the most beneficial aspect of this buddy system doesn’t matter. There are many other benefits such as having a fresh set of eyes to review your resume and your various cover letters. That outside-in perspective from a non-biased, independent source can be invaluable.

That extra person also can come in handy if you want to test your interviewing techniques – live and digital. They may know people at companies where you are targeting your efforts. That kind of foot in the door never hurts.

Many job seekers have standing meeting times with their job-search double. For example, every Wednesday morning at a convenient coffee shop to compare notes and to keep each other on track. Here’s a bonus. If the weather is inclement or there is another obstacle to your meeting, you can achieve the same end results by holding that meeting online.

We’ve even heard of people login into a Zoom call, mute their microphones and go about their business (phone calls, letter writing, company research, etc.) with the knowledge that there is someone looking over their shoulders to keep them on task.

Finally, sometimes it’s good to have someone who intimately knows your situation with whom you can commiserate when you’re having a bad day. Even job-search misery loves company.


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