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Before We Begin

At the very start of your job search you should make a few tough decisions

➔ When beginning a job search, most job seekers have some idea of the type of job for which they’re looking. Corporate. Non-profit. Big company. Small company. Start up. Etc.

One piece of good news for today’s over 50 job seekers is that all of these options (and more) are available. Tired of the corporate rat race? Follow your passion and investigate working at a non-profit.

Unfortunately many job seekers stop at this point. There are, however, many more choices and decisions confronting you.

Will you be too picky?

At this point there are job characteristics which you may help you to weed out some positions and make others seem that much more attractive. Here are a few questions that should have answered at the outset: What characteristics of this (or any) job are negotiable and non-negotiable?

Some people need a base level of salary and are willing to give up most anything (i.e. working remotely, travel, etc.) to be able to secure that certain amount money. For others, money may be less important but they refuse to re-locate or to travel.

We’re just going to assume that you know what kind of job you want; you’ve researched the industry, the market and the company. You’ve gone through the screening and interview process and you think that an offer might be forthcoming.

You many not have much time to ponder such issues when an offer does arrive. The simplest approach would be to make a list and grade each entry on the list. Gotta have this. Can live without that. Etc., etc.

A lot of planning should go into your job search, but you might want to save some of that planning for when you get a hard and fast job offer.


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