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What's Behind the Older Worker Paradox?

Although employers give them lower performance ratings, longer tenure means better business results

by Richard Eisenberg at

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Four Best Tips for Job Seekers Over 50

The job hunt feels worse for those over 50


older woman reviewing report

8 Tips For Conducting An Effective Job Search

The traditional methods used to obtain employment are no longer effective

by Darius Harris and Jenna Arcand at

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It’s That Time of Year
There is no rest for the wicked job seeker

➔    Despite what the calendar says, this is not the time for your job search to take a vacation. Although other people may be making holiday-related demands on your time, you still have a lot to do during this season on your job search.

Waiting Area

The average person holds 10-14 jobs in their lifetime, so if you're feeling stuck in your career you're not alone. 
                                              — Jobscan

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