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Older Job Seekers

Job Hunting in Your 50s and 60s Can Be Challenging

from the Cool Grandpa Podcast

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91 Percent of Workers Have Faced Workplace Discrimination

What can employees do, ‘No. 1 is to speak up and document things.’

by Isabel Engel at

older worker on assembly line

Still Seeing Patients at Age 101

Neurologist Howard Tucker has no plans to retire,
plus he's a TikTok sensation

by Rosie Wolf Williams at


Howard Tucker


Do You Work Here?
When researching a company don’t overlook the obvious

➔    It seems like we’re always talking about researching a company as part of your preparation for an interview. Yes, it’s a must.  So, we ask:  Is it possible to know too much about a company?  Probably not – unless you learn something that would make you not want to work there.


Summer Reading

Need help with your summer reading list? The Nifty50s library  has more than 50 book titles that can help you in your job search. From resumes, to interviews, to job search tips and techniques, you’re sure to find something to boost your job hunt!

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