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Today is:   Monday, January 30, 2023   |   Next niftynews: Wednesday, February 1, 2023

More Employers Are Seeking Workers Age 50 & Older

More employers are putting out help wanted posts seeking workers aged 50 and above

by Selena Fragassi at

older businessman in retail

Awaken Dormant Ties to Revive Your Job Search

“It is much easier to reconnect and awaken dormant ties or relationships than it is to create new relationships.”

by Marc Miller at

older woman with phone and laptop

Layoffs Aren’t The End Of The World. Here’s How To Land Your Next Gig

How to burnish your resume, hone your soft skills and land a new job quickly

by Corinne Lestch at

older worker staring

If you don’t embrace change, it will strangle you

➔    You’ve probably heard the phrase: the one thing in the entire world that never changes is… change. Back in the 1950s, comedian Lenny Bruce stated, “Change is happening happening happening.” That sounds pretty drastic. Yet that was more than 60 years ago. That was when – for those of us who can remember – life was viewed as simpler, slower and more manageable.

Collaborating at Work

The economic outlook for 2023 remains mixed, with the possibility of a slowdown. Meanwhile, the competition for talent is fierce.

                         —   from McKinsey & Company

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