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The #1 Secret to Making
a Successful Career Transition

Today, many of us use the words “career transition” and “job change” interchangeably. But, there’s a subtle difference between the two.

by Shireen Stephenson at

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The Advantages of Older Entrepreneurs

by Chris Farrell at

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How Do You Reenter the Workforce After Years of Caring for Your Parents?


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Old and New
Different ways of looking at your job search

➔    There are so many factors that come into play when pursuing or discussing a job search. No matter how difficult it may have seemed in years past, rest assured that there is a lot more to the job seeking process today.


Need Help?
     Are you stuck in a quandary over what to do next? Do you want to stay in your same line of work, or do you want to explore something new? Something different? Do you want to try your hand at doing what you’ve always dreamed of? What is the best line of work for you?

     We can help. Our “Ideal Job Workbook” is more than just a simple five-minute quiz. Our workbook digs into what you really want to do and offers a plan as to how to find that job. Download your copy here.