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Rejected for a Job but They Asked Me to Reapply Later 
Why Would a Company Ask You to Re-apply If They Didn’t Want You the First Time?

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by Joshua Gross at

Yesterday, I had to write a painful letter. I had three incredibly well-qualified candidates and two positions. Two of them got positions, and one did not. There was no permutation that didn’t force me to do something hard: say no to someone for no failure or limitation on their part. I made the best decision I could, but to be honest, I could have flipped a coin.   MORE

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What’s in the Box?
With your track record, why restrict yourself?

➔    Once the shock of losing your job has worn off, you transform yourself into a job seeker. But where to start looking?

    The obvious place is to look where you just were. By that, we mean that most people initially look for other types of employers like the one they just had. If you worked at a large company, you start to look for other large companies. Or, if you worked at a small company, you may not be able to see yourself working anywhere except a small company. MORE

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