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Work Struggles for the Over-50s

Nearly four-fifths of the increase in economic inactivity since the start of the Covid pandemic is accounted for by workers aged 50


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Has Your Network Abandoned You? 

Let’s discuss how to plan to get it back

from Marc Miller at

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Why Work with a Recruitment Firm?

Expertise.    Resources.    Objectivity.

by Pamela Baird at

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A Hard Dose
A sense of reality is something to keep in overabundance

➔    Yes.  We all wish we were 40 again.  (Or 30, or 20.)  But for those of us here on planet Earth, we know that’s never going to happen.  You are who you are.  You can’t change it. If you’re 50, or 55, or (gasp!) 60 or older, you can’t hide it.  Recruiters, HR staff and hiring managers are not stupid.  They can do the math.  No matter how hard you try to hide it, they’re going to know what your age is.

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Job seekers are exploring ChatGPT as a tool for writing résumés and cover letters.

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