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How Can I Stay Motivated
in My Job Search After 50?

Older workers may… face age discrimination
during the hiring process, which extends the time
it takes for them to find employment


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How To Overcome Age Discrimination
In Your 2023 Job Search

Do you feel like you are losing out to the competition because you're older?

by J.T. O'Donnell and Jenna Arcand at


All About Age Discrimination at Work and Why Successful Lawsuits Are Rare

Ageism is a growing concern…
(as) workforces grow increasingly old

by Chris Dolmetsch and Katharine Gemmell at

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Will it ever get better?

➔    Statistically you’re more likely to encounter ageism in your age-50-plus job search that not. Some of it will be subtle. Some of it will hit you like a cold slap in the face. But it’s very likely to be there.

    Sometimes it will make you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes it will make you think twice about whether or not you want to work for that employer or not. Sometimes it will affect your salary offer and/or your total compensation package. Sometimes it may even outright cost you the job.

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A surge of companies are planning to disclose pay ranges in job postings, even when it’s not required.
                                        —   Forbes