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Don’t Plan to Retire Until You’re Age 70 or Older? Here’s How to Stay Relevant.

More than a third of workers age 50 and over don’t think they’ll be able to retire until age 70 or later.

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12 Tips to Survive Forced Early Retirement

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How To Bounce Back From A Job Loss

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On Track
The right tool for the right job

➔    Never before in history has finding a job been more demanding.  Recruiters and hiring managers have never had so many tools for evaluating candidates and today’s tools enable them to find out more about you quicker than ever before.

    Of course, the same could be said of the job seeker.

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A Different Kind of Inflation

Title inflation—defined by Cambridge Dictionary as “a process in which the names of employees’ jobs are regularly changed to make them sound more important than they are”…  According to Bloomberg, adding a souped-up title to a job has been a means of luring talent when firms run out of money and other perks to offer candidates.