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Because corporate people don't care. All they’re looking at is numbers, statistics, and if they think you'll be a good fit for what they want and how are they going to use you to turn a profit. They don’t care if you need the job, or how hard you are trying to find a job… The trick is to make them believe you're the right person for the job even when you're not. you gotta turn the predators to prey.   MORE

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A Good Bounce
Can you react positively?

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➔    As a job seeker you’ve probably heard stories about people who find a job on the first day of their job search – or after only two or three days. Unfortunately that’s not the norm. Especially today. Especially for the older job seeker.   MORE

You’ve Got Rights!

A new Resource from the Nifty50s:  

What Are The Legal Rights

Of A Job Applicant?

by Eric Brown at

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