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Why Job Seekers Over 50
Need a Professional Headshot

The best way to overcome biases is to be prepared for them

by Karen K Photo

Studio Shoot

31 Good Jobs for Older People

How to Make Money, Stay Active and Thrive
at Work as a Senior


older worker with hardhat reviewing plans

How to Show Work Experience on a Resume

List and describe your past jobs for maximum impact

by Aleksandra Nazaruk at

tan sportcoat working

Rehearsal: Take it Again One More Time
Take your elevator speech to the top

➔    Most job-search gurus recommend developing your 30-second elevator speech. Or, your 30-second commercial. They want you to be able to describe yourself to a stranger during an elevator ride. Not that many people ever have occasion to do that, but you get the idea. How can you concisely make your pitch in as short a time as possible?

elevator waiting

Around one-third of HR leaders are using generative AI in the hiring process, and 48 percent are considering using it.

                                                       —   Greenhouse

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