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5 Tips for Finding a Job After 50

Older employees can successfully market themselves in today's workplace 


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3 Ways To Emphasize Your ROI On Your Resume

Getting employers to pick up the phone requires
a strong brand message

by Laura Smith-Proulx and Jenna Arcand at

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Eliminating Ageism and the Misperceptions
About Age and Ability

What if you live to be 100?

by Jeff Rubin at

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Is That Really You?
It’s your chance to shine with your first impression

➔    Much has been said over the years about an individual’s (or a company’s) “elevator speech.” The term derives from the notion that this is a speech you could give someone while riding in an elevator. It’s also sometimes called your 30-second commercial – which should give you a hint as to approximately how long it should be.


Some two-thirds of respondents in a recent survey who made attempts to negotiate starting salaries said they got more than was originally offered.

                                          —    Pew Research Center 

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