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by Amy Bergen at

    Working for a significantly younger boss presents a unique set of challenges. It may seem strange to take direction from someone a few years your junior, since many of us unconsciously believe age and authority go together. But organizations are increasingly hiring younger workers to fill leadership roles in both the nonprofit and private sectors, and for the first time many professionals are trying to navigate the challenges that arise when you have a younger boss.   MORE

Nifty TIP of the DAY

Are You “Cultured”?
Job candidates are increasingly interested in the employer’s “culture”

➔    Job seekers are searching for a variety of things in their next positions. Salary and compensatory benefits usually come to the forefront. Not far behind are things like vacation, scheduling, opportunities for advancement, etc.

    In recent years a new competitor has entered the arena: culture. Prospective employees want to know about the employer’s workplace culture.   MORE

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Numbers Don’t Lie

How are the Nifty50s doing in the job market? This graph from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics will help you see.

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