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Top 10 Best Jobs for Women Over 50

Many… women over 50 have many assets to bring to a position

by Alison Doyle at

working woman with phone

Tips To Beat Age Discrimination
in Executive Job Search If You’re Over 50

Older workers face serious challenges
in today’s job market

by Meg Guiseppi at

older man with tablet

How To Land Jobs That Aren’t Advertised

When you look beyond (job boards) to the hidden job market that some of the most exciting opportunities present themselves

by Andrew Fennell at

businessman outside reading_edited

Time to Make it Personal
As important as hard-data homework is, people count too

➔    Ask any job search expert and they’ll tell you how important it is for you to do your homework to prepare for an interview. And they’re right. And there is no shortage of background information on your interviewing employer. But there is more.

Business Meeting at a Cafe

To succeed in an interview, you must cultivate a rapport with the hiring manager or interviewer. Be your authentic self. If you put on the fake corporate facade and robotically answer questions, the interviewer won’t get a real sense of who you are.


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