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Employers Are Becoming More Open to Hiring Older Workers

The path to get there took persistence

by Kerry Hannon at

man sitting at desk

How To Minimize Ageism Through The Use Of AI

Future technologies powered by AI can be a first step
to ensure older adults are fully involved

by Sylvain Moreno at

woman writing

3 Ways To Practically Guarantee You Get The Job

Employers and recruiters are…
dying to get something fresh

by Ryan Niessen & Jenna Arcand at

older woman with glasses

That Old Nemesis, Rejection
It comes with the territory

While some may deal with it better than others, let’s be honest, no one really handles rejection well. And if you’re in a job search, you most likely will be rejected more times than you would like. And, if you’re over 50, you had better polish that armour because you’re going to be skewered on a regular basis. And quite possibly you will be rejected for no good reason, other than your age.

Road Crossing

Over the next three years, nearly three-quarters of U.S.-based companies expect to automate at least some of their work.

                         —   WTW Dynamics of Work Survey

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