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Ageism in the Job Search


Even though midlife professionals are the fastest-growing age group in the workforce and are expected to make up a quarter of employed US adults by 2026, recruiters and hiring managers admit that biases still exist around hiring a mature applicant. According to a recent study by the AARP, 61% of respondents over 45 reported seeing or experiencing age discrimination in their careers and even more so in the job search process. In fact, when it comes to diversity efforts, companies acknowledge that they need to do more around age discrimination. These facts make it challenging for midlife professionals to seriously consider career transitions or job changes for fear that they won't get hired. Carol Parker Walsh, Ph.D., J.D., career strategist and personal brand expert, joined us to share six ways midlife career professionals can try to counteract any potential bias before it happens.

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Why Your Online Job Search Strategy Is Failing You

by Dr. Dawn Graham at

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If you’re looking for a new job and haven’t received a lot of bites from the online applications you’ve sent, you’re not alone.

    Waking up to an empty inbox after emailing countless resumes can be frustrating and demoralizing, which can further hinder your job search efforts. And although a weak consolation, it may be helpful to know it’s not your fault. Unfortunately, the odds are against you in an online search.

How to Change Careers

Without Getting Ruled Out as a “Hiring Risk”


Here’s what very few people in hiring will tell you: The same qualities that make you an ideal candidate for a job today can also be the qualities that limit your prospects tomorrow. If everything you do is static, you’ll end up with a flat, conservative journey, with few shots at meaningful growth. You can go through the motions without every making a significant career change—but if you don’t take any risks, there won’t be a payout. The Manager of FP&A becomes the Director of FP&A becomes the Senior Director of FP&A…you can advance through steady, monotonous work, but it will take decades. Meanwhile, you could have launched an empire.

    To become an industry leader, you need to take risks. When it comes to your career, that means pursuing roles that challenge you. The first step to a major career change is winning over a new employer.

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Are You a Change Agent?

There is a lot to consider when changing careers

There are many options available to today’s older job seeker. Large company or small. Profit vs non-profit. Consultant or self-employed, etc.

    One thing that many older job seekers have considered – and are struggling with – is changing careers. That “change” can take on many forms. Different job. Different skill set. Different industry. Again, that list can go on and on. MORE


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