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7 Part-Time Seasonal Jobs for Older Workers

There’s still time to shore up extra holiday cash with these part-time gigs

by Donna Fuscaldo at

were hiring

Finding A Job Is Tougher Now

5 Practical Tips To Persevere

by Tracy Brower, PhD at

older man on street

33% of Job Seekers Said They Wouldn’t Even Go to a Job Interview Without Seeing the Salary First

One expert advises clients to inquire about a position’s salary during the initial phone-screening interview

by Jessica Dickler at

older woman with red glasses and coffee

A Tangled Web
It’s amazing how the various elements of your job search tie together

➔    You’re looking for a job. You think you’re looking high and low.

But are you really?

City Center

“It’s a good idea for anyone feeling uncertain about the future of the economy and job market to prepare for their next step.”
                     — Blair Heitmann, LinkedIn career expert

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