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The 5 Secrets to Getting Hired After 50
Experts say these strategies can help older workers land a job

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by Kenneth Terrell at

With millions of job openings currently left unfilled, there should be plenty of opportunities for older adults to get hired or switch careers now. But for many experienced workers, age discrimination continues to be an obstacle…

    While your job search should be focused on the opportunities that fulfill your career goals and the skills you can offer employers, it’s important to be aware that you might encounter age bias as you look for work. Career coaching experts say the following five tips can help older workers compete successfully in the job market.   MORE

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We all think we’re special, however…

➔    Our mothers and elementary school teachers always seemed to make a point of referring to us as “special.” Naturally, it’s not surprising that we grew up thinking that we, in fact, were pretty “special.” 

    Unfortunately, the rest of the world – and employers (and recruiters, in particular – haven’t always shared that opinion.   MORE

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