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Change May Be Key
to Finding New Job Over Age 50

There's a perception that jobs are hard to find
if you're over 50

by Daniel Neman at St. Louis Post-Dispatch

older man sipping coffee

How to Get a Job: Six Expert Tips for Finding Work

If you're on the hunt for a job… you're not alone

by Vishala Sri-Pathma at

job search

The Four Stages Of Early Freelancing

There are some areas that suggest early difficulty
in solopreneurial work

by Jon Younger at

older man staring at computer

The Tough Questions
If the questions are tough, the answers might be tougher

➔    Are you getting discouraged because your job search is dragging on far longer than you ever imagined? Do you see others getting jobs and start to wonder, “Why not me?” You’re not alone and your feelings are not atypical.

Working Silhouettes

As desired skills keep changing, some hiring managers are leaning into behavior-based interviewing, as well as screening candidates for a variety of soft skills in an attempt to measure openness to change. 

                                                                 —   Time

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