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Older People Are More Vital Than Ever

Some pundits want to replace everyone over 50. But toxic ageism is the real problem facing America in politics and business.

by Michael Clinton at

woman with black glasses

14 Jobs for Teachers Who Are Over It

Jobs teachers can transition to if they’re leaving the classroom

by Nandini Balial at

mature woman teacher

Soft Skills Are More Important Than Ever

Assessing them remains a challenge

by Aman Kidwai at

gray haired man at conf table

Up Front and Personal
Speed is of the essence. You need to appreciate that.

➔    Most everyone is fully aware of how fast-paced today’s business world is – and it’s getting faster all the time. So what makes you think that the people whom you are approaching for a job are moving any slower? They’re moving just as fast as the world around them – if not faster. And you need to take that into consideration in all your dealings with them.

Working Coffee

Traditional corporate succession planning has included mandatory retirement age of 65 for CEOs, but companies from Target to Boeing have recently changed those requirements to allow CEOs to serve longer.

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