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Job Seeker Voices Concern About Workplace Age Bias

“If they're asking that question, it's not a place where you want to work." 

by Linnie Supall at

“There's no reason to discriminate on somebody's age,” said Nicole Anderson, CEO and founder of MEND, a human resources solutions firm based in West Palm Beach.

    Anderson has been helping job seekers connect with career opportunities during the pandemic.

    Her team recently helped a candidate who was worried about her older dates of employment.

5 Job Search Mistakes

That Keep You From Getting Hired For Senior Roles

by Caroline Ceniza-Levine at

businessman on escalator.jpeg

There are multiple reasons why a job search isn’t leading to the job you want, but based on this digital product manager’s specific question, I’m going to focus on why job search efforts might not yield offers that are senior enough. Having hired for many Director up to C-level jobs, there are several important ways that hiring at the senior levels diverges from hiring in general. If you are unaware of these differences or don’t tailor your job search efforts enough for executive hiring, you won’t break through. The fact that this digital product manager highlighted resume edits as an area of focus suggests she’s making one of the most common mistakes.

Over-50s Crisis as Redundancies Soar by 195%

Older workers are facing a "tsunami of redundancies" as the scramble for jobs heats up

by Giles Sheldrick at

Joblessness among over-50s has soared by 195 percent in a year – higher than any other age group. Around 1.3 million are thought to be still furloughed, but experts fear a second redundancy spike when bosses are made to contribute more to the state-sponsored scheme in July and when it ends in September.

man in suit working on laptop 07JUL.jpg

Do You Buy Generic Brands?

A hot dog is a hot dog, unless…

Politicians long have been known for spewing out “sound bites” and other cliche answers when pressed to respond to issues or events. The same could be said for professional athletes and coaches of big-time sports programs – professional and collegiate…

    What could be worse? How about a job seeker adopting the same tactics when applying for and/or being interviewed for a job?  MORE

Preparing Hot Dogs

More help for the 50+ job seeker:

Think ageism

is a U.S. problem?

Think again.

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Making a Noise

The International Journal

for Age Diversity

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