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7 Reasons Workers Age 65 and Older
Have Not Retired Yet

Their reasons for delaying retirement vary widely

by Alex Valdes at

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‘You Don’t Look Your Age!’ It’s Time to Squash Ageism

by Darcy Evon and Thomas D. Kuczmarski at The Chicago Tribune

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Interviewing In A Recession Will Be Tougher — Here Are Questions To Prepare For And What You Should Ask

by Jack Kelly at

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Timing is Everything
Are you a morning or night person?

➔    Especially in the age of remote work, there is much talk about shifting employees’ work schedules to accommodate their respective lifestyles – flex time is the modern term. If that concept works in the actual workplace, why would it not work for you in your job search?

    So, what is your best time of day?  According to the BBC, “It’s estimated that some 50 percent of the population isn’t really morning or evening-oriented, but somewhere in the middle.” The rest seem to be split between early birds and night owls.

TikTok launched a temporary program enabling job-seekers to apply for jobs at companies including Target and Chipotle using the hashtag #TikTokResumes on their videos. – HR Brew