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“I’ve been laid off 26 times!”

by Jason Alba at

Years ago, at the beginning of my JibberJobber journey, I was in Houston presenting at a few job clubs. I was invited to an outplacement networking group… which was a far cry from the churches I normally presented in.

    This outplacement office was swanky. Seriously swanky. It was in a super nice building, on a top floor so it felt like an executive office. No expense was spared. It’s what they call a Class A facility, which means really expensive.

    So I get there early and got to chat with a few of the job seekers. One guy said, with a weird mix of pride and conflicting feelings, “I’ve been laid off 26 times! What do you think I should do?

7 Ways Job Searching Will Be Different in 2021

by Jaclyn Westlake at

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I know everyone is tired of hearing the words “unprecedented” and “2020” together. So I’m going to say that this last year was…extremely unordinary. And it’s probably safe to say that many of us are eager to put 2020 in the rearview mirror…

    If you’re one of the many people who’s currently looking for a new job or planning to start a job search soon, here’s what you need to know about finding a job in 2021.

Forced to Work Past Their 60s and 70s,

Seniors Have Been Hit Harder by COVID-19 Economy

by Britt Kennerly at

Charles Pettus seemingly has everything an employer could want in a prospective hire.

    The Rockledge resident has an extensive resume. He's held jobs everywhere from the aerospace industry to, most recently, a hardware store. He had to quit that job earlier this year — because of COVID-19 and his wife's health, he can't risk a job working with the public. A Navy vet, he hopes to go back to work at some point, preferably in a field using his technical and management skills.

    One major stumbling block, in a competitive job market magnified by pandemic workplace cuts: He's 80 years old.

Social Distance

The Elimination Game

Automated Tracking Systems exist to “thin the herd”

Many nature programs talk about herds of animals that instinctively push their more susceptible members out to the edges of the group where predators are more likely to pick them off. It’s a survival of the fittest approach known as “thinning the herd.”

    In the final analysis that’s precisely what the automated tracking systems (ATS) do for companies looking to hire new employees. Realistically, they’re not looking for the best candidates. They’re looking to eliminate as many as possible, sparring the human overseers from having to pour through hundreds of resumes.  MORE

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