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Older Workers Need Support

Getting Back into the Jobs Market after Covid-19 Too

by James A. Reed at

Much has been made of the pandemic’s impact on younger workers, with warnings of a lost generation stirring after the most recent Office for National Statistics (ONS) unemployment statistics found that employment among under-25s has fallen to a record low.
   The Government has – to its credit – responded to this jobs crisis through both the Kickstart and the Jobs Entry Targeted Support (Jets) schemes. But there is less support focused on older workers. More support is needed now than ever to reskill and upskill older workers in new and growing industries.

For Black Workers, Age Discrimination Strikes Twice

Once when they’re entering the workforce, and once when they’re nearing retirement

by Andrew Van Dam at

Age discrimination sounds simple: The oldest workers face the strongest biases. But new research suggests that rule applies primarily to white workers. For black workers, age discrimination is highest for the youngest, falls in middle age, and rises once more as workers near retirement.
   A new experiment at Texas A&M University helps illustrate the surprising pattern.

Woman Explains How To Answer Difficult Job Interview Questions Where Many People Fail

by Rokas Laurinavičius and Denis Tymulis at

Applying for a job and preparing for an interview might be intimidating. However, part of that fear might come from inadequate preparation. It’s our own responsibility to work on our weaknesses and try and make them our strengths.
   Erin McGoff… The NYC-based filmmaker makes videos on TikTok ranging from “3 things you should never do when applying for a job” to “how to answer the most irritating interview question ever”, explaining the dos and don’ts candidates should be aware of.

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The Ties That Bind

Job seeking as well as work itself all have one thing in common

When Bob Merrill penned the lyrics to Jule Styne’s music in Funny Girl, it’s a safe bet that he wasn’t thinking of the workplace. One could argue, however, that “People” is what it’s all about.
   One of the mantras that the best sales people take to heart is that people don’t buy products, they don’t buy price or anything else. Rather people buy from people. MORE

In a Meeting

More help for the 50+ job seeker:

Think ageism

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Making a Noise

The International Journal

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