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Today is:  Monday, April 17, 2023   |   Next niftynews: Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Mature Workers Suddenly in Demand

Attracted to the hard work, reliability and experience of workers 65 and older

by Lee Barney at

Woman working with man at desk

Looking for a Job Over Forty?

This is how you turn your age into strength

by Braeden Haige at

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Is Your Resume Up to Date?

The latest in resume techniques

by Alicia Bones at

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Everyone Loves a Good Story
What’s yours?

➔    If everyone loves a good story, why would a hiring manager be any different? And what better place to tell a good story than in a job interview where that story (or stories) can help you land that job?

Office Job

Some job applicants are using (ChatGPT) as a kind of “calculator” for crafting résumés and cover letters.

                                                           —   HR Brew

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