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    Nearly half of all baby boomers say they’ve experienced age discrimination, and new evidence indicates they’re probably right. Some employers begin filtering out candidates who are 40 years and older based on the language that’s used in job listings. For example, they might use phrases in a job description—like “digital native” and “high-energy”—that discourage older candidates from applying. MORE

Nifty TIP of the DAY

Don’t Fence Me In
Boundaries can help your job search

➔    Everyone in a job search has boundaries. Some are geographic. Some are monetary. Some are… fill in the blank. Whatever yours are, that’s fine. But, everyone has them.

    It’s best to know your boundaries before you begin your job search. It’s good also to know your boundaries every step of the way. Salary. Benefits. Even before you go into an interview. You need to know.   MORE

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You Can Quote Me on That

“One thing that has changed for us and many other companies is that we no longer list vacancies by city but rather time zone. The pandemic has taught us that it doesn’t matter in which city you live. Only the time zone is important in order to communicate and work together in this world.”

— Salesforce Co-CEO Bret Taylor from Fortune   

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