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2023 Tech Trends: No End in Sight
for Age 50+ Market Growth

Older adults are not only increasing their spending on technology, they would buy even more of it if devices were geared to their needs

by Brittne Kakulla, AARP Research

woman working at desk

What to Consider When Telling
the World About Being Laid Off

Affected workers these days are becoming more public with being laid off

by Patrick See at

woman with glasses working

Job Loss, Age Bias Upend Retirement Plans

About half of those with full-time, full-year jobs going into their 50s go through an involuntary
job separation at some point

by Lou Wilin at

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Temporary Advantages
Temporary employment holds many benefits – especially for older job seekers

➔    Virtually all job seekers want to work. Many job seekers will take almost any job – for any one of several reasons. Having a paycheck – even if it pales in comparison to what you had before – is a strong motivator. And there might be benefits that come along with it – another motivating factor.

Business Partners

Applications for trade jobs dropped by 49 percent in 2022 compared to 2020, leaving many jobs vacant.

                                                  —   HR Brew

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