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How Ageism Is Keeping Me From Getting Hired

I have more knowledge than I've ever had, so why won't anyone hire me?

by Michael Lubell at

Ageism isn't very sexy, and it is certainly not as provocative or prominent in the news as sexism or racism. But as someone in my 60s, I've been living with ageism for years while looking for work, without writing or complaining much and it quite simply is time to speak up.
   When I search and apply for even part-time/temp positions in sales, marketing or publishing or I pitch a mainstream audience an article I'd like to write, I feel as if I'm operating from within a black hole.
   Of course, it's nearly impossible to prove that age prejudice is the reason for not getting hired.


Think ageism

is a U.S. problem?

Think again.

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Making a Noise

The International Journal

for Age Diversity

Older Workers Are Being Pushed Out Of Work

by Teresa Ghilarducci at

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Yes, COVID-19 makes the advice to work longer in old age a cruel suggestion since older workers were hardest hit in the 2020 recession. But it isn’t just COVID-19 that makes it difficult, the labor market has been forcing older workers out for years. The obsession with telling people to work longer because they don’t have enough retirement savings is oblivious, unrealistic, and a little bit savage.

TikTok Resumes “Opens the Doors” to Discrimination

by Isabella Simonetti at

The perils of TikTok resumes.   TikTok, the app where dance videos vault regular folks into internet fame, is propelling itself into the job market through a pilot program that lets users submit video resumes to employers. But making job applications more visual runs the risk of hindering equity in the job search—and may have legal consequences.
   TikTok Resumes (is) a test that ran through July 31… Some TikTok users saw it as an exciting opportunity to leverage their social media skills in a challenging job market.

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Can I Ask You a Question?

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No matter where you go for job search advice, no doubt you’ll come across someone expounding on the benefits of, and the need for networking. (Digital or in person.) This is one case where there is enough data to prove the point. 
   Many recruiters, job coaches, etc., will boldly state that networking plays a part in as much as 80 percent of all new job finds. CNBC recently reported, “Research shows that 70 percent of all jobs are not published publicly on jobs sites and as much as 80 percent of jobs are filled through personal and professional connections.”   MORE 

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