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Looking for a job when you are over the age of 50 can sometimes be challenging or intimidating. Whether you have lost your previous job, are changing careers or need a job after years away from work, there are ways you can market yourself in today's competitive workforce to emphasize your many years of experience while showing employers you can adapt to the times. In this article, we provide tips for getting a job when you're over 50.   MORE

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Where to Turn Next
One job search challenge is deciding where to look

➔    There is nothing easy about looking for a job – at any age. Unfortunately that’s especially true for someone age 50 or older.

    In some cases, having worked for the same organization for years, if not decades, the older job seeker doesn’t know where to turn. Or, older applicants automatically choose the environment from which they came – large corporation, small corporation, non-profit, etc.   MORE

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