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The Older Entrepreneur: Is it Ever Too Late?

by Rosemary Cass at

Is it ever too late to start a business? The data shows that the highest rate of entrepreneurship worldwide is in the 55-64 age group and the over-50 age group is twice as likely to be successful.
   Sometimes people newly retiring from a fast-paced career find retirement to be too slow. They miss the stimulation, the purpose, and let’s face it, often the money! Many of them take an avocation, something they enjoy and have always wanted to spend time doing, and turn it from a hobby to a business.

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Retirement Turns A Hobby Into

A New Business For 85-Year Old

by Robin Ryan at

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Retiree Sylva Coppock had some strong interests and hobbies before she left the workplace in her early 70s. She had worked as a desktop publisher, graphic designer, and executive assistant. When she retired, the plan was to just pursue hobbies. “I loved doing ancestry research,” said Coppock. “I spent a great deal of my free time pursuing this hobby over the years. So, I worked on my ancestry research, I volunteered, but as the months went by, I discovered that I simply hated being idle.” As a result, retirement didn’t’ stick she said. “I liked working on projects, being busy and productive too much so I became ‘unretired’.” 

    Coppock enjoyed her two main hobbies of writing and ancestry research when they all came together in a rather unique way. 

Your Online Job Search:

An 8-Item Checklist For Success!

by Eileen Williams at

Anyone conducting a job search today knows that you will need to be as visible as possible—both through your personal network and your online presence. Close to 100% of employers and recruiters turn to sites liked LinkedIn and Facebook to source candidates, check out their skills and vet them as to their suitability for the job.
   Moreover, due to the issues involved in dealing with the volume of potential applicants and their resumes, many firms are forgoing advertising altogether. Depending upon their size and their current supply of job openings, companies may either turn to employees for referrals or go directly to the Internet. Consequently, although a position may not be posted, recruiters and hiring managers might well be looking to find someone with your skill sets. And they’ll likely be looking online.


It Sounded Like a Good Idea at the Time

Many people dream of having their own business, but…

Quite candidly, owning and running your own business isn’t for everyone. As much as they may want to, some people just aren’t wired for it.
   We’re well aware that many times on this page we’ve heralded the notion that one of the major options open to the 50+ job seeker to start your own business. That’s true. It is. But, again, it’s not for everyone.  MORE 

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